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On an early winter morning we traveled to Denmark and Sweden. We rode bikes on the streets of Copenhagen and trekked the coast of Sweden.

Chasing swell

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Got a last minute phone call to chase a swell. Good winds, warm water and lots of barbecues.

Spring in the country side

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_RSC5640A surfboard quiver is something that you build slowly, as your experience with waves progress. For some its one board and for others is ten boards.

Seeing beautifully shaped and superbly glassed boards coming out from the Wavegliders, It is very hard to define when my quiver will be complete. If ever…


RSC_0460-2Portrait of Kieran Grant for the poster of the short surf movie I did two years ago called ‘Choices’.



Tania and Paul



Last week we shot the wedding of this two beautiful souls. Take a look at the sneak peek here

Early Spring



Shooting film: flares, light leaks, double exposures, grain, dust and scratches.


Builiding a Spoon

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A lot of work is an understatement. Building a spoon takes several hard working days to be ready.

Nico shaped this one from a custom surfboard blank. He did a lot of adjustments and measurements since is also a difficult board to build.

The Spoon is a kneeboard originally invented by George Greenough in the late 60s. It’s suppose to be very flexible because its built mainly with fiberglass resin and fiberglass cloth with a long, narrow, flexible fin.

The ideia behind all this flex is that the board and the fin would slingshot going out of a turn on the face of the wave.

Known for the amount of displacement hull bottom, it is also a very small board. This one is 5 feet.